At Henry Armstrong, we invest for quality, clarity and safety. By contrast, the market indexes are heavily weighted in weak companies, often promoted by Wall Street, that we believe no long-term investor should touch.

Based on consistent principles, derived from our more than 25 years of successful investing, Henry Armstrong seeks to invest only in strong and stable companies that can prosper despite competition, recession, inflation and other hazards of the marketplace. Over time, the stock values of these strong companies have generated returns exceeding the S&P 500 Stock Index.

We offer completely independent investment judgment: we are not affiliated with any bank, brokerage firm, insurance company or mutual fund. We sell no products and accept no commissions. Accordingly, as we are paid only for asset management by an annual fee, our only incentive is to protect capital and to increase the value of our client’s portfolio. Our interests and our client’s interests are in sync — an important fact absent at many large financial institutions where the selling of products and commission-based income drive corporate profitability.

In this section, you can explore:

Our Philosophy and Intellectual Heritage
This section summarizes the foundation of our thinking about investments.

Equity and Fixed Income Management Principles
Read about the principles that guide our management, including what we look for in our equity investments.

Our Process
How we conduct research, qualify ideas and select investments.