Why Henry Armstrong Associates?

  • We are a stable company with a long performance track record.
  • We maintain a consistent focus and style based on logic and a coherent philosophy.
  • Henry Armstrong personnel are high-grade people with excellent training and experience.
  • We possess independent judgement; we are not part of a large institution.
  • We deal exclusively with custodians we believe to be reliable and financially strong.
  • Henry Armstrong is able to give close attention to each client — we do not have, nor do we desire, thousands of accounts. Every account is very important to us.


  • Our fee schedule begins at a moderate 1% annually of asset value, which we believe is competitive with the fees charged by other advisers.
  • Written client statements are distributed quarterly.  Billing is done quarterly in advance based on market value of portfolio.
  • Our interests are parallel with our client’s interests, since our compensation increases only when our client’s account value increases (rather than on some other basis, like trading activity).
  • Armstrong’s minimum account size is $2 million, but Armstrong will accept accounts of lower value at its discretion.