About Us

Singularly Focused.

For more than 35 years, Henry H. Armstrong Associates has been meeting the needs of families looking to protect, invest, and grow wealth for generations to come.

Since 1983, families, endowments and individuals have depended on our team for the informed design and prudent management of their wealth plans. The majority of our team has been with the firm for at least a decade, and all members of the firm have a singular focus on our clients’ life plans and best interests. This tenure and individual dedication of our people can be assigned both to our firm’s philosophy, as well as to the deep, ongoing relationships established with our clients.

Driven by Client Goals – Never Sales Goals

Because we are not tied to a large institution, our highly-focused team uses independent judgment to help each client through a personalized wealth planning process. As a fiduciary and independent advisory, it is our team’s duty to act only in the best interests of our clients. Always. We sell no products and have no sales or marketing goals. Ever. We believe this client focus and attention to detail sets us apart time and time again. We are compensated only for the assets we manage, which aligns our interests with our clients.

Highly-Dedicated Service

Because we do not have sales goals and pressures, we are able to keep the number of client relationships we manage relatively small and deep. As a result, we are able to pay close attention to the priorities of our clients and deliver high-touch service.

Discriminating Analysis

We invest for quality, clarity, and safety. Based on investing principles derived from more than 35 years of thoughtful investing, HHA invests only in companies we believe to be strong, stable, and that can prosper despite competition, recession, inflation and other hazards of the marketplace. We endeavor to provide our clients a different view by combining our meticulous and discriminating analysis of fundamentals with our disciplined approach.

Tax and Cost Efficiency

Tax efficiency is one of the pillars of our firm. Our average annual turnover rate is under 10 percent*, often allowing our clients to pay long-term capital gains tax rate, which is lower than the short-term rate. Overcoming the tax headwind of rapid trading is very difficult and, for investors with a long time horizon, paying the long-term capital gains rate can significantly increase wealth across the generations.

* The average annual turnover rate has been less than 10% for the Henry Armstrong Associates portfolio for the period 1/1/2010 through 12/31/2022. The capital gains and personal tax rates shown are generalized and will vary from client to client.

  • TURNOVER RATE: LESS THAN 10% 10% 10%
  • LONG-TERM CAPITAL GAINS RATE: 15-20% 20% 20%

Fee & Service Schedule

Our fee schedule begins at 1 percent annually of asset value, which we believe is competitive with the fees charged by other advisers. Our minimum account size is $2 million, but the firm will accept accounts of lower value at its discretion.

Written client statements are distributed quarterly. Billing is done quarterly in advance based on market value of portfolio. Our interests are parallel with our client’s interests, since our compensation increases only when our client’s account value increases (rather than on some other basis, like trading activity).